Volunteer Activities by SU Chinese students with Rotary Club in Saitama

Omiya-Chuo Rotary Club, chaired by Mr. Iwao Sano, has been visiting ‘Sugino-ko Gakuen’ in Saitama City as one of their volunteer activities to the local community every year.  6 Rotary Yoneyama scholarship students and 11 Chinese students of SU collaborated in this volunteer activity, enjoying ‘Japanese Soba Making’ with the residents of Sugino-ko Gakuen, on May 21.
Mr. Dong, the leader of SU Chinese Student Association, and also Yoneyama scholarship student, reviews this event, ‘Mostly, international students coming to Japan have a feeling of gratitude toward Japanese people, so they always want to return the courtesy by participating a volunteer activity just like this one.’

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