Book donation from the Embassy of India Tokyo.

A commemorative photo was taken with the donated book in hand.
(From the left of the front row, President Sakai, Director Kanika, From the left of the back row, Advisor Kato, Vice-president Ichihashi, Library Director Kawai, Executive Director Nonaka, Dr. Sanjay, Executive Director Ishii.)

On May 9, 2024 (Thu), Ms. Kanika Aggarwal, Director of Vivekananda Cultural Center, visited Saitama University from the Embassy of India and donated 26 books to us that introduce Indian culture and history. At the donation ceremony, Dr. Takafumi Sakai, President of Saitama University gave a speech using some Hindi at the beginning of that.

He said that the valuable literature received will be distributed to the international exchange section of our library to be seen by many students. He expressed his gratitude as follows, “Globalization of students is one of the goals of Saitama University and as students become interested in India, which will lead the world, this will develop them into global talent. 

From the university side, Prof. Dr. Akihiko Ishii, Executive Director for Research and Industry Government University Collaboration. Prof. Dr. Nonaka, Executive Director for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hideo Ichihashi, Vice President for International Affairs and Global Education, Prof. Dr. Maki Kawai, Director of University Library, Mr. Motoi Kato, Advisor and Fellow participated. Opinions were exchanged on how to deepen and develop future exchanges between our university and India. 

After the donation ceremony, Director Kanika spoke about India and Dr. Sanjay Kumar gave a special lecture entitled “Spirit and Practice of Yoga” at the University Hall.  Donated books are placed at the international interaction corner of our library.

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Director Kanika donated books to President Sakai.

During the meeting.
(From the left, Mr. Naoshige Ono (Officer in charge, Embassy in India), Director Kanika, Dr. Sanjay)


   international interaction corner of our library