OASIS Café for summer program students was held!

 On Monday, June 14th, Prof. Nakamoto held a Zoom program called “OASIS Café” after the first Japanese language class.


Introduction from Prof. Nakamoto

  In the first half, Prof. Nakamoto introduced Japan, Saitama, and Saitama University. He showed pictures of something Japanese such as Mt. Fuji and Kabuki, and asked the participants what they were. The students knew a lot of things that are typical of Japan, and their answers came one after another.



Presentation by Mr. Akshat

 In the second half, Mr. Akshat, a current international student from India at Saitama University, talked about his own study in Japan. With a lot of photos, he introduced the process of coming to Japan and the places and events he visited in Japan. In a relaxed atmosphere, he answered questions from the participants with a smile.


Participants interacted peacefully

Participants interacted peacefully