Report on exchange events between Summer Program students and SU students (June 17 & 24)

 During the summer program, there are four events that volunteers from Saitama University interact with Summer Program students. We would like to report on the first and second exchange events.


Event on June 17



   The first event was held on June 17.
   This was the first time for SP students and SU students to meet. As a self-introduction, the students explained about an item they wanted to share with everyone. The event was filled with a variety of items; some unique to other countries, and some are world-famous and well known. After the Ice-break time, they enjoyed free talking.



Event on June 24





   The second event was held on June 24.
   The theme of this event was the phrase; “これはなんですか?(What is this?)” . They showed pictures and objects and asked each other the question, これはなんですか? In response to a question, “これは●●です!(This is a ●●!)”
   After answering, they discussed the characteristics of the item. There was a wide range of materials, such as kimono, sushi, train, vending machines, etc. They seemed to enjoy various conversations triggered by the questions and answers.