【Application period: July 1 to July 31】Open for Application: September Admission 2020, Saitama University International House

Saitama University is pleased to accept applications for International House (I-House) residency. This application is for those who wish to get a permission to move into I-House, as well as for those who are currently living in I-House but wish to change the ROOM TYPES. Please see the attached files for more information.

Period of Residence
Date of moving-in :September 16 (Wed), 2020
Date of moving-out:March 5 (Fri), 2021 or August 20 (Fri), 2021

Application period
From July 1 (Wed), 2020 to July 31 (Fri), 2020

Attached files

  1. Saitama University International House Open for Application: September Admission 2020
  2. Application Form