Occupational Vaccination for COVID-19 (University-based vaccination) at Saitama University

In order to protect the health of students, faculty and staff, and to prevent the spread of infection in the region, Saitama university has coordinated the implementation of COVID-19 vaccine occupational vaccination (university-based vaccination) on campus. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delay of confirmation on the implementation. However, we are pleased to announce that we have received an official notice from the Japanese Cabinet Secretariat and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare through Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) that the implementation of university base inoculation is confirmed. Therefore, if you would like to be vaccinated at our university, please refer to the following and apply for the vaccination.

1. About vaccination
・Vaccination is provided to those who wish to be vaccinated. It is not compulsory, and does not preclude vaccination by local municipality.
・ Please consider vaccination of your own will, with full understanding of both the effectiveness of vaccination in preventing infectious diseases and the risk of side-affects.
・ If you are currently undergoing treatment for any kind of illness, or if you have any concerns about your health condition, please consult with your medical institution before considering whether or not to receive the vaccination.
・ Costs related to vaccination are free of charge to anyone eligible.
・ In order for the vaccine to be effective, it is necessary to receive two doses of shots (second dose is to be taken four weeks after the first). Both times must be vaccinated at the university’s inoculation site.

2. About vaccine
・ The type of vaccine is by “Takeda / Moderna”.
Please refer to the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for the explanation of “Takeda / Moderna”.

3.Who can get vaccinated at SU
① SU Students (regardless of regular students or non-regular students)
② SU Faculty and staff, including affiliated schools (regardless of employment type such as full-time, part-time, temporary staff)
③ In addition to the above, all those who work on campus
④ Students and faculty members of nearby educational institutions

4. Vaccination schedule (planned)
First dose : September 13 (Monday) to September 17(Friday), 2021
Second dose : October 11(Monday) to October 15 (Friday), 2021
Hours : 9:15 am to 12:00 am, 1:00pm to 6:00 pm
* The second dose vaccination will be on the same day and at the same time four weeks after the first dose vaccination. Please select a date and time when you can be sure to receive two doses of vaccine.

5. Vaccination scale
・ Number of vaccines : 4,400 (2,200 persons x 2 times)
・ 500 persons a day

6. Make a Reservation
・ A reservation-only site will be opened at a later date. Reservation is scheduled to start on September 6 (Mon), and will be officially informed to you as soon as it opens.
・ Priority will be given to those who answered that they would like to be vaccinated in the survey conducted between August 12 and August 23, 2021.
・ Reservations will be accepted in a later date for those who answered that they do not wish to be vaccinated in the same survey, but wish to be vaccinated.
・ We accept reservations for students, faculty and staff of nearby educational institutions according to the supply and demand situation of vaccines.

7. Vaccination venue
University Hall (Daigaku Kaikan) 3rd Floor

8. Precautions on the day of vaccination
・ Measure your body temperature at home before vaccination. We ask you to reschedule your reservation if you have a clear fever or if you feel unwell. Please contact the office specified in 11. below.
・ Please be sure to bring the following 3 items on the day of vaccination.
(1) Vaccination ticket, sent from the city of your residence (2) Medical pre-examination questionnaire sheet                 (3) Personal ID (student card, health insurance card, driver’s license, etc.)
・ Please fill in the places that can be filled in the Medical pre-examination questionnaire sheet in advance.
・ Since the injection will be given in the upper arm, please wear clothes that can easily expose your shoulders.

9. Handling for study and employment
The following is a list of cases in which a student or faculty member of the university receives a vaccination or needs medical treatment due to symptoms that are deemed to be highly related to the vaccination.
SU Students
“Handling of classes when receiving vaccination related to COVID-19 infection” (Notice of Director (in charge of education and students) on July 23, 2021)

SU Faculty and staff
“Handling in employment when receiving vaccinations related to new coronavirus infection” (Notice of the President on June 30, 2021)

10. Reference (Japanese)
・Saitama Prefecture
・Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

11. contact information
General Affairs Department, General Affairs Division
E-mail: soumu@gr.saitama-u.ac.jp
TEL: 080-5057-8946