Restriction Level to be Lowered Effective June 8

June 3, 2020


In response to the lifting of the Emergency Declaration, Saitama University will lower its activity restriction level from 3 to 2 effective June 8.  However, the following activities remain at the restriction level 3 or are continued to be partially restricted.

Activities remain at level 3 (still under restrictions)
– Lectures and grading will be held online until the end of 2nd term. 
– Entry to the Tokyo Station College is prohibited until further notice.
– Extracurricular activities both on and off campus and use of campus facilities are prohibited until further notice.  However, activities outside campus are allowed when the use of facility is not prohibited or limited by local authorities, and when university supervisor approves the activity.

Activities lower to level 2 with some restriction
– Entry to the Okubo Campus must be avoided as far as possible; however, it is allowed for the following purposes.
 a. Conduct research activities in laboratories.
 b. Use of University Library *We may set limits on number of students using the library.
 c. In-person service at the Student Center  *Please make an inquiry by e-mail when possible.

This decision has been made to ensure that Saitama University can continue to carry out educational and research activities while prioritizing the prevention of the spread of infections and protecting the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff members.  We thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.  Please check the website for further announcement.

– Response to COVID-19 (May 27, 2020)
-COVID-19 manual for students 
-COVID-19 Manual for Faculty and Staff