【Warning Notice】 What to do in case of illness

To all SU Students

We recently received a report of a case of infection at our university in which a student had chills before coming to SU and was confirmed to be positive for COVID-19 after returning home. If you are feeling unwell (fever, cough, general malaise, or other cold symptoms), please do not come to the university, but stay at home and consult with a medical institution, your local government office, or the SU Health Service Center. Please be assured that even if you are staying home feeling sick and unable to attend lectures, it will not be detrimental to affect your grades.

If you notice any changes in your physical condition while on campus, please return home immediately. If that is the case while attending lectures, please inform it so to your instructor.

For further information, please refer to “COVID-19 Infection Countermeasure Manual for International Students” 

*The latest English manual is now in progress. You can check the previous version (updated on July 6) from the link below.

www.saitama-u.ac.jp/news_archives/manual.pdf (saitama-u.ac.jp)

Coronavirus Hotline for Foreign Residents 048-711-3025  
SU Health Service Center 048-854-5356  
Faculty of Liberal Arts  048-858-3044  
Faculty of Economics 048-858-3286  
Faculty of Education  048-858-3144  
Faculty of Science  048-858-3345  
Faculty of Engineering  048-858-3429  
Graduate school of Humanities and Social Sciences  048-858-3320  
Graduate school of Education  048-858-3144  
Graduate school of Science and Engineering  048-858-3430  
Office of International Affairs 048-858-3028