Imporant Notice: Courses in Spring Semester

Important Notice about 2020 Spring Semester 

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we will take the following measures.
– Faculty/ Graduate School guidance will be held online.
– All classes (except experiments, outside activities etc.) will be held online for the entire Spring term (term 1 and 2).

Please take online guidance and classes from home and try not to come to the campus as much as possible.

In order to take online classes and guidance, please prepare a device capable of connecting to the Internet.  If you need any assistance, please call the university (Kyoiku-Kikaku Office 048-858-3943).   When using a smartphone, please check your internet data plan as you will need high amount of data to take online classes. 

If you have no access to the Internet, you may apply to use the on-campus Wi-Fi in a designated classroom.  However, if restriction is lifted and the campus is closed, students cannot use the on-campus Wi-Fi.

The information of the guidance will be announced by each faculty.

Faculty of Liberal Arts
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Ecucation
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Engineering
Gradute School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Graduate School of Science and Engineering

Class Registration
From April 16, 2020 to May 13, 2020
From April 16, 2020 to April 22, 2020 10:00 (Basic Subject)

Spring 2020 Academic Calendar
Term 1 : From April 27, 2020 to June 17, 2020
Term 2 : From June 18, 2020 to August 8, 2020

Spring Semester: From April 27, 2020 to August 8, 2020