Free antipyretic analgesics will be distributed at the SU Health Service Center in case of side effects (high fever) due to COVID-19 Vaccination

If you are a student or a faculty member who has received an occupational vaccination (the first vaccination) and have not yet received an antipyretic analgesic, please come to the health center to pick it up at 10: 00 ~ 16: 00 on weekdays in September.
*We don’t give them out for the second vaccination.

If you wish to receive an antipyretic analgesic, please visit the health center immediately after the vaccination. Students should present their student ID, and faculty members will receive it in exchange for a note of their personal number (8 digits).

<Preface> The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine you received today is particularly prone to side effects of high fever especially after the second dose, scheduled four weeks later. Most of the fevers occur one or two days after the vaccination and will subside naturally. However, in case the fever is unbearably high, SU will distribute the relatively safe antipyretic analgesic, Calonal (ingredient name: acetaminophen), for free of charge. Please read the following instructions and consent carefully, and if you wish to receive acetaminophen, it is available to pick it up at the health center immediately after the vaccination. Since the side effect is less likely to occur after the first vaccination, it is recommended that you save it for the second dose. If the fever is unbearably high that you must take it after the first dose, it is recommended that you prepare another antipyretic analgesic in advance, after consulting with the pharmacist, in preparation for the side effect after the second dose next time.

Explanation and Consent
for Receipt of Antipyretic Analgesics, Calonal Tablets 300mg (1 tablet/time, total of 6 times)

September, 2021
SU Health Service Center

Those who received the COVID-19 vaccine at Saitama University and wish to receive Calonal


I hereby agree to meet all the conditions 1) 2) 3) below and will take the Calonal tablets 300mg total of 6 tablets, full or partial, according to all the instructions 4) 5) 6) below. The declaration of consent will be made by recording the date and name on the computer at the health center or in the receiving list.

1) Have no history of allergic reaction to the ingredients of this product (acetaminophen).

2) Have no history of aspirin-induced asthma (induction of asthma attacks by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics).

3) Have no peptic ulcer, serious blood disorder, serious hepatic disorder, serious renal disorder, or serious cardiac dysfunction.

4) I understand that the report on taking antipyretic analgesics beforehand to prevent fever can reduce vaccine effectiveness (Prymula et al., Lancet, 2009, pp.1339-50) and therefore will not take them before having fever. Only when a high fever of 38.0-38.5°C or higher is unbearable, take one tablet per dose, at least 4 hours apart, three times a day for up to two days, and will not exceed the dosage.

5) If I experience any unusual physical changes or abnormalities other than high fever, I will not take this medicine and immediately consult my family doctor or the prefectural/government specialized consultation service. If the fever or other symptoms do not subside within two days after the vaccination, I will consult the organization as well.

6) Received antipyretic analgesics will not be used for any other purposes nor transfer them to others and will dispose any excess tablets in an unrecoverable manner.