How to Purchase Textbooks for 1st and 2nd Term Courses

April 15, 2020

【Updated: May 1, 2020】

 Saitama University Students,

   Saitama University has restricted students from entering the campus from Thursday, April 9, 2020 to Friday, May 6, 202 May 31, 2020 in accordance with the request to close the campus issued by the Governor of Saitama Prefecture. Therefore, textbooks will not be sold at the university CO-OP stores, but instead can be purchased online.

   After selecting your courses, please confirm the required textbooks in the Web Syllabus( purchase a textbook after your course registration is finally accepted. In some courses, students who can take are determined by lot. If you mistakenly purchase a textbook of course of which registration is unaccepted, you cannot return or exchange it.

  1. Please purchase textbooks by yourself online or at a local bookstore. You will be charged an additional fee for delivery.
  2. For any textbook which is not handled by any online store or bookstore, please place an order at CO-OP online.  About purchase order method, please refer to CO-OP website (
    You have about a week to pick up your order.
  3. Textbooks cannot be picked up in store. They will be only delivered to you.