Important: Online Classes Continue for Intensive Courses and Fall Semester

As the impact of COVID-19 has not declined, the university decided to continue on-line classes through the Summer intensive course and  Fall semester (Term 3 and 4).

Detail information is below:

〇 All lecuture classes will be held online in principle for the term 3 and 4, and the intensive courses.

〇 Classes including experiments, outside activities etc. which can take measure of infectious disease prevention may held by face-to-face.

〇 Please check the style of your class (online or face-to-face) on Syllabus.
     *Intensive courses begin: July 20 
     *Term 3 begins:   August 11

〇 Timetable

   1st period     9:00 ~ 10:20

   2nd period  10:30 ~ 11:50

   3rd period   13:30 ~ 14:50

   4th period   15:00 ~ 16:20

   5th period   16:30 ~ 17:50

   6th period   18:00 ~ 19:30

   7th period      19:40 ~ 21:10

〇 The measure of conducting classes may change according to the situation of COVID-19.

2020 Academic Calender

Saitama University Students Behavioral Guidelines  *Please act in line with this Guidelines.

〇 COVID-19 manual for students (Japanese / English)  *Please follow this manual for the prevention of the infection.