Information on PCR testing for SU students, faculty and staff

2021/8/4 updated


University students and faculty members who meet the following criteria can take a PCR test using a test kit provided by the university.
Please use it.

1. Those who have had contact with an infected person but have not been identified as close contacts.
2. Those who have had close contact with the person and are feeling uneasy while waiting for the results of the person’s test.

Even if you do not fall under the above, please consult us if you are worried because you cannot deny the infection.

Since orders for PCR test kits are increasing in the market currently, it has been difficult to obtain them. Therefore, even if you request, you cannot take the inspection. Also, it takes about a week for PCR test results to come out.

Therefore, we provide an antigen test kit to those who want it, so please consult us if you are worried about infection. The antigen test can be performed in about 15 minutes, but the accuracy is lower than that of the PCR test and the sensitivity (the rate of not missing positive results) is not high.

Contact person:
General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department
TEL: 048-858-3005

*If you are identified as a close contact, please follow the instructions of the public health center.