Re-Entry to Japan/ Financial Support for International Students – Sep.4

September 4, 2020

This information is for the international students of Saitama University who have left Japan due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are planning to re-enter Japan.   Please read the following guideline carefully.

*The below information is sent to the students on August 4, updated on September 4, and may be updated frequently.  Please make sure to check the relevant websites as frequent as possible to obtain the latest information.  If you have any questions, contact the Office of International Affairs.

1.  Check if you meet the conditions for re-entry to Japan.
     Reference:  Ministry of Foreign Affiars “Re-entry of foreign nationals with the status of residence”

2. Prepare documents for re-entry
Reference:  Ministry of Foreign Affiars “Process and required documents for re-entry”

3. Contact the Office of International Affairs
    If you confirm that you are eligible and plan to re-enter Japan in accordance with the above procedures, submit the

response form 1

4. Arrange your flight

5. Prepare a COVID-19 test result certificate
   – A negative COVID-19 test result conducted within 72 hours of the departure time is required. 
   – For the test result, use the format found in :
   – Cost for the test can be covered by university.  Please see the below #9 for details.

6. Arrange a transportation from airport to your accommodation prior to the departure.
   – All arrivals must refrain from using public transportation, such as trains, buses, and taxis to get to the self-quarantine accommodations.  However, you can use private cars and rental cars, as well as limousine taxis that meets the criteria*. 
   *The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) has provided information on car rental companies that can be used when returning from overseas, and on travel agencies that can arrange taxis/limousines. Please refer to the website below. (This page is in Japanese, but each company provides information in English)

  – Cost for the transportation can be covered by university. It is very important to keep a reservation confirmation mail, receipt and any documents you have.  Please see the below #9 for details. 

7. Secure your self-quarantine place for 14days after arrival
   All nationals arriving from all regions are called upon to self-quarantine for 14 days at accommodations (e.g. hotels) designated by the quarantine station chief. Please be warned that Saitama University’s accommodations, such as I-house, may not be used as such areas. If you are permitted to stay in the International House (I-House) of Saitama University from Fall 2020, you can spend the quarantine period at I-House. (updated Sep. 4)

   During the quarantine period, students may not leave the accommodation for 14 days and must check your health conditions (e.g. daily temperature check, respiratory symptoms, etc.) every day. In case of symptoms such as fever and/or cough, students must follow “COVID-19 Infection Countermeasure Manual” by Saitama University( )

   Please refer to the following website of WHLW for more information on quarantine, self-quarantine accommodation, and on how to get to the accommodation.

8.  Contact the Office of International Affairs, submit the arrival report
     Immediately after arriving, students must report to the university by using the

response form 2.

9. Financial Support from the University
    Note that each student will be responsible for COVID-19 PCR test, their own transportation to the self-quarantine accommodation, as well as for any costs or expenses incurred.  Saitama University is, however, considering to bears part of the cost (up to 30,000 yen/ updated Sep. 4) of re-entry.

  For the reimbursement, you need to submit the followings to the Office of International Affairs. 
  1. Passport
  2. Cash card or bank book of your bank account
  3. Receipt  (Original copy)
      a. PCR test you had in your country. *Including date, amount paid, student’s name.
      b. Hotel accommodations if you stayed 14-day self-quarantine period after you arrived in Japan *Including test date, amount paid, student’s name
      c. Rental car or limousine taxis from airport to self-quarantine accommodation.  *Including date and route, amount paid, student’s name

  * Receipts must show the name of student, dates of test/travel, and amount paid
  * Reservation confirmation mail and credit card receipt may serve as a proof.
  * If you ride a limousine taxi with other students/friends, reimbursement amount will be split accordingly.  It is very important to prepare the documents to show proof of payment.

For any questions, contact Office of International Affairs. 
Tel: +81-48-858-3028