Response to COVID-19 – July 22

July 21, 2020 

Due to the increase of COVID-19 patients, the following three requests have been issued by the governor of Saitama Prefecture.

1. Avoid going out into public places if you have a fever or symptoms of COVID-19.
2. Avoid visiting nightlife district and places that do not promote proper prevention measures. (Places that do not promote proper prevention measures will be posted on the website of Saitama prefecture.)
3. Download and use COVID-19 warning applications released by the Japanese government and Saitama Prefecture.

It is also very important to continue to avoid the 3Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded place and Close-contact settings) and large social gatherings.  People at risk for serious illness and elderly persons should avoid non-essential travel to Tokyo metropolitan area.

There has been a case that our students had close contact with a COVID-19 patient.  Although all of them had a negative PCR test result, it reminds us that we need to continue our efforts to prevent the spread to protect not only your health but your friends and family members.

We would like to remind all of our students and staffs again to follow the three requests from the governor, “New Normal(Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)” and “Behavioral Guidelines (Saitama University).”

Kazumi Kizaki
Vice-President for University Reform and Risk Management