Regarding Fall Semester Classes, September 25

In Fall Semester (Term 3 and 4), while most classes continue to be conducted on-line, some classes will be conducted face-to-face.  To check how classes are conducted, see the Web Syllabus.
And please note that when you take face-to-face classes, you can use a designated lecture room to take online classes.
When entering and using the canpus facilities, we kindly ask students to keep the rules below.

Entry to Okubo Campus
Non-essential entry to the campus is not allowed but you may enter the campus in below cases.
– to take face-to-face classes
– to conduct experiment or take practical training classes
– to conduct research activities in laboratories
– to use the Library
– to visit the Student Center 

*Take body temperature every day. Do not enter the campus if you have a high fever or feel sick.
*Wear masks at all times while in campus.

Use of Campus Facilities
-Wear masks
-Try not to use elevators
-Wash and sanitize hands before entering classrooms/facilities
-Avoid 3 Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded place and Close-contact settings)
-Record names of persons who used facilities, where they seated

Face-to-Face Lectures
-Students are asked to seat securing a safe distance to others
-Faculties and students must keep a record of seat allocation 

Use of General Education Building
Students can use classrooms in the General Education Building to take online classes or to study by self.
-In rooms on the 2nd floor, students may take Zoom classes that require speaking/discusssion. In these classes, make sure to secure distance to other students.
-In rooms on the 3rd floor, students may take a) Zoom classes that do not require speaking/discussion and b) WebClass (on-demand classes).
-Rooms on the 4th floor are for self study.

*Secure a safe distance.
*Use headphones when taking classes.
*Keep a record of where you seated, and submit to a box when leaving a room.

Experiment, Practical Training, Research Activities
-Comply with manuals of each faculties/graduate schools

-Refer to the Library website

Extracurricular Activieits
– Extracurricular activities both on and off campus and use of campus facilities are prohibited until further notice.  However, activities outside campus are allowed when the use of facility is not prohibited or limited by local authorities, and when university supervisor approves the activity.

– Secure a safe distance.
– Refrain from talking, making loud noises.

 Office of Advising Services for International Students (OASIS)

Tokyo Station College
-Entry is not allowed until further notice


1. Avoid going out into public places if you have a fever or symptoms of COVID-19.
2. Avoid visiting nightlife district and places that do not promote proper prevention measures.
3. Download and use COVID-19 warning applications released by the Japanese government and Saitama Prefecture.
4. Avoid the 3Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded place and Close-contact settings)
5. Avoid large social gatherings. 
6. Refrain from making loud noises at restaurants.