Restriction on Entering SU Campus for Students

April 9, 2020
【Updated: May 1, 2020】
【Updated: May 27, 2020】

Takafumi Sakai
President, Saitama University

Dear Saitama University Students,

Due to the declaration of the state of emergency by the Japanese government and of Saitama Prefecture’s emergency measure, the university has been restricting students’ access to SU Okubo campus from Thursday, April 9. Although the state of emergency declaration has been lifted by the government May 25, Monday, the university decide the restriction will continue until Sunday, May 31 Sunday, June 7, 2020. This is to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 viral transmission, and to protect the health of students. As a result, face-to-face classes (experiments, practical training, practical skills, etc.) and laboratory research activities will be prohibited during the above period.

In the following two cases, however, students may enter by obtaining our prior approval.
(1)for research activities (limited to specific activities, e.g. maintaining laboratory equipment, feeding animals /other living things),and (2)when called by staffs of the university.
When entering the campus, please carry your student ID card with you at all times so that you can present it in response to the request from staffs. In the case of (1)for research activities, approval from the dean or from the head of graduate school through your supervisor must be obtained in advance, and must carry the approved email with you to present it upon request.

For information on the textbook purchase at the Saitama University CO-OP, please visit their website here.
(Japanese only)

It is known that young, college-aged adults tend to have few or no symptoms and spread the infection without knowing it; therefore, we ask students to stay home and refrain from activities that may increase the risk of infection unless there is any urgency. Please act with the strong awareness of the importance of “not getting infected” and “not letting others get infected”.

*For new students : There has been an announcement of using the on-campus Wi-Fi in a designated classroom for those who have no access to the Internet, however, any of these will be canceled and changed. We ask the new students and all others who have no access to the Internet to consult with the Education Planning Division (Kyoiku-Kikaku Office) over the phone at 048-858-3943.

*Please note that this measure is subject to change depending on the situation of the COVID-19 infection in the future.