Thoroughness of COVID-19 Infection countermeasures – April 2, 2021

April 2, 2021


Due to the lifting of the “Declaration of Emergency Situation” by the government on March 21, 2021, Saitama University decides to increase in-person classes as much as possible for the 2021 academic year. And there are some restrictions but extracurricular activities on and off campus are allowed.  Please take the following actions in your campus life in order to protect the lives and health.


1. Act in accordance with “COVID-19 Infection Countermeasure.”
Now, Saitama University’s policy for dealing with COVID-19 is Risk Level 2.

2. Take your temperature when you get up everyday. 
If you have a temperature or you are not feeling well, you are not allowed to enter the university. 

3. Act in accordance with Saitama University Students Behavioral Guidelines” when you come to the university. 

4. Specially, act with a strong awareness of “not getting infected” and “not letting others get infected” outside classes; in eating lunch in the cafeteria, in chatting in break time, in extracurricular activities and so on. 

5. Please refer to “University Response to COVID-19 (English/Japanese)” for the latest information regarding COVID-19.