To ease COVID-19 guidelines for mask-wearing (Notice)

March 13, 2023


It has already been widely publicized in the press that the mask-wearing guidelines will be eased, and Saitama University will take the following measures.


〇 Decision to ease the mask-wearing guidelines (by the Headquarters for Novel Coronavirus Measures, Policy Research Council, February 10, 2023)

The wearing of masks should be left to the judgment of individuals, respecting their independent choice, and should not be enforced by the government as a rule. To help individuals make decisions regarding the wearing of masks, the government will provide information on situations in which the wearing of masks is effective as an infection prevention measure, and recommend the wearing of masks in certain cases.

【Date of application】
General: From March 13 (Mon), 2023
Schools including Saitama University: From April 1 (Sun), 2023
(Saitama University will continue to take the same measures as before until March 31, 2023 (Fri). The separate announcement will be made regarding the wearing of masks at graduation ceremony.)