[Updated]Second Dose Vaccination for COVID-19 – University-based vaccination at Saitama University

Updated October 4


1. Vaccination Schedule

October 11(Mon) to October 15 (Fri), 2021
*The second dose vaccination will be on the same day and at the same time four weeks after the first dose vaccination.
 Ex. 1st dose : September 13 (Mon) 9:15am → 2nd dose : October 11(Mon) 9:15am
However, please follow the instruction if you have been personally contacted regarding the second dose schedule.
Refer to the second dose schedule from the link herePDFファイル (Japanese only).

2. Make a Reservation

Reservation for the second dose is not necessary to be made by yourself.

3. Precautions on the day of vaccination

・Measure your body temperature at home before vaccination. We ask you to reschedule your reservation if you have a clear fever or if you feel unwell. Please contact the office specified in 4 below.
・ Please be sure to bring the following 3(4) items on the day of vaccination.

  1. Vaccination ticket, sent from the city of your residence
  2. Medical pre-examination questionnaire sheet
  3. Personal ID (student card, health insurance card, driver’s license, etc.)
  4. Record of first dose vaccination (Only for those who did not bring the vaccination ticket on the first dose vaccination)

・ Note that flailing to bring the necessary documents above may cause the applicant to be rejected to take the second dose as scheduled.
・ Please fill in the places that can be filled in the Medical pre-examination questionnaire sheet in advance.
・ Since the injection will be given in the upper arm, please wear clothes that can easily expose your shoulders.
・Free antipyretic analgesics will not be distributed after the second dose vaccination. We ask you to take the tablet you received after the first vaccination.

4. Remarks (Updated 10.4)

Check your reservation schedule from here(Japanese only)

STEP 1 : Enter your Municipal code and your Vaccination ticket number
STEP 2 : Enter your personal information 
STEP 3 : Click “My Page” 

5. Contact Information

General Affairs Department, General Affairs Division
E-mail: soumu@gr.saitama-u.ac.jp
TEL: 080-5057-8946