Notice of Termination of the Reporting System of COVID-19 Infection

Since May 8th, 2023, when COVID-19 was classified as a Category 5 infectious disease under the Infectious Disease Control Law, we have been requesting that all the members of Saitama University report their infection to the University for the purpose of preventing the spread of infection on campus. .Over the past few months, the infection status of the members of Saitama  University has been decreasing, and the possibility of the spread of infection on campus has become low. Therefore, the termination of the infection reporting system was approved at the meeting of the Crisis Control Headquarters of Saitama University.

Therefore, we would like to announce that the reporting system of COVID-19 infection to Saitama University has been terminated on March 31, 2024. With this, all infection control measures against COVID-19 infection at Saitama University has been terminated.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the understanding and cooperation of the members of Saitama University in preventing the outbreak of infection within the university. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your understanding and cooperation.

We would like to ask all the members to continue to take basic infection prevention measures at the individual level.