Establishment of Guidelines for Utilization of Generative AI by Saitama University Faculty and Staff

Establishment of Guidelines for Utilization of Generative AI by Saitama University Faculty and Staff

President of Saitama University, Takafumi Sakai

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been advancing at an astounding rate. AI that generates text, program code, and other text, images, and videos (generative AI) has emerged and become readily available to everyone. Such technological advances have not only had a positive impact in expanding the sphere of human activity and enriching our lives, but many negative aspects have also been noted.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has also made public[1] the handling of the teaching and learning aspects of generative AI, and has expressed the view that it is important for each university to respond proactively according to its actual situation. In response to this situation, Saitama University has established guidelines for faculty members to use the generative AI.

While generative AI has the potential to be a tool and support to complement the creativity of faculty members and researchers, it also contains risks of information leakage and infringement of rights. When utilizing generative AI, please fully understand these precautions, clarify your educational or research objectives, and use it skillfully as a means to achieve those objectives. In addition, generative AI is a constantly evolving technology. Keep abreast of new research and the latest developments and strive to improve your own learning and skills.

Purpose and Structure of the Guidelines

The structure of this guideline consists of a basic guideline that indicates items to be considered when utilizing generative AI in the University’s operations, and items to be considered from the viewpoints of education, research, and administrative operations, respectively. Please be sure to check the contents related to your own work before utilizing generative AI in your work.

Please note that this guideline covers not only ChatGPT, but also all types of generative AI. The Guidelines will be revised as n

ecessary in accordance with technological progress and the application of guidelines provided by the relevant ministries and agencies.

Guidelines for Utilization of Generative AI