Courtesy Call to SU President by Counsellor from the Embassy of India

  On April 28 (Wed), 2021, Dr. Usha Dixit, a counsellor (S&T) from the Embassy of India, Tokyo, visited Saitama University (SU). SU has concluded an academic exchange agreement with Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH), and is also participating as a consortium partner in projects of supporting IITH that the Japanese government is actively promoting.

  After her courtesy call to our President, she had a round-table meeting with Prof. Hideo Ichihashi (Vice President for International Affairs and Global Education), Prof. Yasunao Matsumoto(Graduate of Science and Engineering), Prof. Taro Uchimura(Graduate of Science and Engineering) and Prof. Satoshi Iijima(Center for International Development Education and Research). Mr. Singh Vidit, a doctoral student from IITH supported by JICA also participated in the meeting. We shared active opinions on the possibility of future exchange of researchers.


From left: Prof. Ichihashi, Dr. Usha Dixit, President Sakai, Prof. Matsumoto