Report on exchange events between Summer Program students and SU students (June 30 & July 5)

 During the summer program, there were four events where volunteers from Saitama University interact with Summer Program students. We would like to report on the third and fourth exchange events.

写真①Event on June 30

Event on June 30


   The theme of the third exchange event was “Everyday Japanese Conversation”. Through a simple quiz, SU students explained the meanings of words used in daily life and the situations in which they are used.
   The subjects of the quiz were familiar words to Japanese people, such as “ありがとうございます” (Thank you), “すみません” (Excuse me), “おつかれさまでした” (Thank you for your help), and “いただきます/ごちそうさま” (Expression of appreciation for food). Summer Program students participated in the quiz by reading the Japanese words aloud.


写真②Event on July 5

Event on July 5



 On July 5th, the theme of the fourth exchange event was “My favorite things”. They talked about each other’s hobbies and what they are passionate about. Students started with the sentence, “私の趣味は●●です”(My hobby is ●●) or “私の好きなものは ●●です”(Thing I like is), and explained the favorite points.
 Many of Summer Program students introduced anime and manga as the reason for their interest in Japan. They also discussed various other topics such as sports, reading books, and cooking.




 Summer Program students of this year were not able to meet SU students face to face unfortunately. However, they were able to get to know each other through the online conversation events and deepen their relationships.