Request for the support for Saitama University students working hard in the Corona disaster – 100 yen cafeteria opened

 While the new coronavirus infection has been spreading and prolonged, Saitama University has been supporting students by providing “Emergency Support Scholarship” and “Free Curry”. However, the opportunities for students to get part-time jobs to support their lives have been drastically reduced, and they are still spending their student lives cutting down on food expenses.

 In order to support Saitama University students who are working hard in such a situation, we have decided to implement the “100 yen cafeteria”, the first attempt of its kind at crowdfunding for the food support project in the corona disaster. In this project, students will pay 100 yen and 351 yen per meal will be contributed from donations, which together will provide 451 yen worth of set meals and rice bowls. We are aiming to raise enough money to cover the cost of about 13,000 meals (5.3 million yen).

 We would like to ask for your warm cooperation in making a donation for the students of our university, as well as your cooperation in sharing and spreading information about this project.


How to Donate


Please apply from this dedicated website. *Japanese only

*Crowdfunding is supported by READYFOR, Inc.

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