Saitama Bus Tour Held Successfully on Dec. 9th, 2017

 28 International students in Saitama Prefecture and 19 Japanese students who had studied overseas joined a Bus Tour “Learning Saitama” on December 9. Participants visited Iwako, a fun-eraser making company, Saitama Stadium 2〇〇2, a Japan-Korea World Cup memorial stadium, and Marusou Ichifuku Soka-Senbei, a well-known rice cracker brand.

  Japanese students worked as tour planners, coordinators, and tour guides for this tour. International students learned and experienced the Japanese culture from childhood. All the participants enjoyed factory tour at Iwako, Stadium tour at Saitama stadium2〇〇2 and experience of making Soka-Senbei. And this tour deepened mutual understanding of each culture.

  This bus tour was sponsored by the Nakajima Foundation and Saitama Center For Go Global Students(GGS).


Factory tour at Iwako


Stadium tour at Saitama Stadium2〇〇2


Experience of making Soka-Senbei at Marusou Ichifuku Soka-Senbei